Benno Brada

Benno Brada – In 1986, directly after his graduation from Nyenrode Business University ( the Netherlands) he started his career in the food industry. First as an export manager, active within the European Union and the Middle East. In 1994 Benno Brada became  CEO of a company with more than 250 employees, that finally expanded into a company with more then 400 employees and branches in the Netherlands and France.

In 2015 he joined the Dolphin Swim Club, founded by Marijke Sjollema.  As a COO / producer he has provided to the project all his skills and energy to realize a high quality Virtual Reality experience. Started as an art project, it turned out to be a new medicine for so many people. And as a great alternative for therapies involving cetaceans in captivity The coming years, research  will be be executed to find out more about the healing aspects of this Virtual Reality experience.  

As a side project of the Dolphin Swim Club, Benno Brada has started up the development of a consumer version of waterproof VR goggles. In order to add another sense to the VR experience : ‘swimming-with-dolphins’ as well as make it possible to treat multiple disabled patients. The Dolphin Swim Club has just received a substantial subvention in the Netherlands to realize this product. The goal is to produce these VR goggles of ocean waste plastic and/or ghost fishing nets.  For the love of dolphins, for the love of people.

‘The various encounters with wild dolphins and whales has meant a lot to me.  It is hard to put into words the overwhelming sense of joy I had when I met, for the first time, a pod of wild Dolphins and were integrated in their swimming. Witnessing their innocence and playful spirit and their bonding within the pod. Having the distinct feeling of sharing the waters with a higher wisdom, at least a couple of million years ahead of human evolution. I would love for everyone to experience this. The current VR technology brings this dream into reality’.

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