Boo Aguilar

Technological evangelist, developer, futurist and Researcher of human-computer interaction processes, Boo shipped seminal work for immersive mediums like VR, AR and MR, many of them with early access invitations to use the world’s first kits of many technologies like the Rift, Vive and Microsoft Hololens. Boo leads projects on the intersection of technology, philosophy, science and arts, transitioning in topics like (bio)engineering, AI and Nanotech with partners and clients who are leaders in those fields, such as MIT, IBM, Google, Samsung, Microsoft, Unity Technologies, Dassault and Volkswagen.

In his talk Artificial intelligence, Blockchain and XR he will talk about how the next generation of human-computer interaction will radically change the way we interact with one another, with other computational systems, how we buy and sell, how we create and produce, how we research, and how we perceive the world and affect it.

Meet Boo at:

We picked Boo’s brains with our series of 6 questions. Here‘s what he had to say.


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