Chrissy Lytro

Chrissy Szczupak


Chrissy Szczupak is the Creative Producer at Lytro acting as a bridge between VR studios, artists and the company’s cutting edge Light Field technology.

Chrissy started her career in fashion photography in New York City, honing her on-set skills, often multi-tasking as stylist and photographer. After leaving the fashion industry, she started her own photography business while simultaneously managing a studio post-production team and cutting her teeth in compositing.

With her studio business in full swing, she relocated to the West Coast to join Lytro. With the announcement of Lytro Immerge, she quickly moved into her hybrid creative/production role of Creative Producer, acting as the liaison between talent and technology. As the creative eye for Lytro, she manages all of the company’s VR pieces to date and is known for an unwavering dedication to quality.

British born but American raised, Chrissy got her start behind the camera at an early age when her dad built a darkroom for her in the family’s basement. Her varied creative background and deep understanding of Light Field technology (and ability to break that down) has given her a unique skill set and invaluable position both internally at Lytro and externally with its customers.

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