Maarten Witteveen

Maarten is co-founder and CTO at Manus VR. The company was founded in 2014 by Maarten along with four of his friends. Three years later Manus VR is the standard for hands in VR, creating cutting edge hand interaction technology. Maarten now works with some of the world’s leading companies such as NASA, Audi, MIT and many more.
As a student of Art and Technology in Eindhoven, Maarten graduated in 2012 by building a real-life Pixar desk lamp. The desk lamp could react and play on human emotions, creating an extraordinary interaction with the user. Maarten’s main focus is on designing outstanding user experiences for interfacing with the digital and mechanical world.
The desire to integrate real life with the digital world doesn’t come as a surprise. Maarten strongly believes in the synergy between humans and computers, and heartily advocates the second industrial revolution. He can’t wait for the enhanced human era and would be most likely at Manus VR to adopt cyborg parts when they become available.

On a professional level Maarten is driven by building partnerships. His goal is to create durable collaborations with leading high-end engineering companies, to give end clients access to the best workflow imaginable.
Maarten has a passion for reading books and gaming. He specifically enjoys reading philosophical and science based Sci-Fi novels such as Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Foundation Series, as well as campier, fun books like Ready Player One. Before his successful challenge as CTO at Manus VR Maarten used to be a dedicated gamer. Responsibilities, such as running a company get in the way but you can still challenge him to a game of Mortal Combat any day.

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