Tupac Martir

Satore Studio

Tupac Martir is an internationally acclaimed multimedia artist, visual designer and creative director, specialising in light.

London based, under brand Satore Studio, Tupac Martir leads
 a globally recognised multidisciplinary art, design and creative production group.

The team of collaborative and in-house tech, development, design, art and sensory talent creates compelling and immersive experiences from concept to delivery, across lighting design, sculpture, architectural interventions, narrative films, sounds, single and multi-channel video works, event design, installations and live performances, from global launches and campaigns to corporate, private or large scale entertainment events. Satore Studio is committed to the advancement of a sustainable future by promoting innovative technologies and conscious design.

At this years’ VR Days you can watch Tupac Martir create new aVR piece from scratch!

VR Days’ 1st edition initiated “Ashes to Ashes”. This year, we kick off with “Cosmos Within Us” in collaboration with London-based Tupac Martir and Amsterdam-based producer Submarine Channel.

Meet Tupac at:

We picked Tupac’s brains with our series of 6 questions. Heres what he had to say.


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