Wiebe van den Ende

All those hours skipping school to clean out the video rental… proved to be a omen!

During his studies at the HVA, Amsterdam it all came together. Wiebe van den Ende wanted to write and direct movies. So he convinced the schoolboard that the qualifying competitions could be gained by producing Film, TV and Documentaries he started his internship at TV West; Directing and editing items.
The urge for storytelling, the art of framing and his musical skills it al came together in editing, revealing the world behind the frame. Finishing his Bachelor with a music documentary about his own breakthrough band: “ Smogus; We Wont Stop” and set the tone for the future.

Rock and Roll: A period filled with intensive touring, creating items and directing music video’s and live registrations follows.  After a year of Ajax TV in 2007 he got picked up by MTV as a On-Air promo director which again paved the way for working at the prestigious Film1 crew until 2010.

Independence: Working for and with clients like, SBS, MTV Networks, Viacom, Discovery, Disney, KPN, Delta LLoyd, Heineken, HBO, etc. A pitch in 2011 for a film-contest for Stichting Lezen & Schrijven during the Dutch filmfestival 2011 resulted in the short film: Vox Scripta.  This 18 min debut nicked almost every award presented that night: Best Film, Best Direction, Jim Deddes won Best Actor and the movie got raving critics. A very good incentive to write and create more projects.

2014 One Night Love 20 min. with Gaite Jansen got selected for the Short film corner at the Cannes film festival 2015.
2016 Exit 8 min and Sede de Furia which was shot in Sao Paolo in Portuguese.
The music video for GECK-O –  Tripper was the first cooperation with Julie Périon.

In February 2017 the Royal Dutch Embassy in Tokyo held a viewing with all his work.

Currently Wiebe van den Ende is in the post production phase of the 10 min cinematic VR film INCITEMENT. He is also working on the cinematic VR-project MY ONLY WAY OUT, a crime drama film of 40 minutes extendable to a series of 10x20min (a Dutch, French, Belgium co-production). The project MY ONLY WAY OUT was early 2017 presented at the International Film Festival Rotterdam as one of the four most innovative European VR projects in development and received a grant for its development from the Dutch Film Fonds (Summer 2017) and European Creative Media fund (October 2017). In the meantime he is also writing his first international feature film: CAMERON. The mood is set, many projects are alining. The world needs to be conquered. The sails are hoisted and the ship is leaving the harbour.

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