Zahra Rasool

Zahra Rasool is the Editorial Lead for Contrast VR — Al Jazeera’s new immersive media studio where she focuses on the production of compelling 360-degree video, VR/AR content. Before joining Al Jazeera’s Innovation Team, she was the Managing Editor of HuffPost RYOT where she was responsible for RYOT’s editorial strategy, managing the content team and combining journalistic storytelling with VR and 360- degree technology. She used VR to cover the 2016 conventions in Cleveland and Philadelphia.

This was HuffPost’s first election coverage using VR and 360-degree video.

In 2015, she founded her own startup Gistory that provides complete, concise and contextual news on a world map. She also worked with Fault Lines, an Emmy-award winning investigative documentary show on Al Jazeera. Her background is in documentary filmmaking and she is very passionate about new emerging platforms and immersive storytelling in shaping the future of the media.

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