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The criminal investigation profession is based on experience, and the opportunities at the Police Academy to be properly trained are limited. So, ‘learning on the job’ is primarily the way to learn and become a competent detective. This means that junior detectives depend on the cases they are assigned to and the quality of their mentor. These result in unequal growth and skill development. To set a foundation at the start of their career, we developed VR training for detectives who are or feel inexperienced. The training provides an opportunity for the junior detectives to practice in a safe environment, make mistakes and reflect directly on their actions. A chance they often don’t get in the real world. During the VR experience, participants will be guided by Inge, a senior detective that is keen to transfer her knowledge and experience. Do you want to step into the shoes of a detective and virtually work together with a senior detective? Meet us at the playground!


When: Thursday 1st Dec and Friday 2nd Dec