Podcast — The Church of VR on the VR Days Europe 2017 — High priestess (and curator) Nikki van Sprundel tells all

The Church of VR at the VR Days Europe showcases the best VR and 360 video that is available right now. Nikki chose out of 200 applications and selected 34. At any moment during the VR Days you can step into the Church and try out the experiences for yourself.

What is shown in the Church is next level VR, going beyond VR as a gimmick, explains Nikki. ‘For me the time when VR was just a roller coaster is over already.’

2’20: Some good examples of what to expect in the Church in 360 video and VR.

3’30: For one of the VR experiences in the Church you sit with your goggles on in an actual car. The way you steer the wheel has an influence on the story you are in at that moment.

6’00: We are living in a moment in time where there is room to experiment, room that is partly created because of the fact that it has taken more time than expected to get VR to the big public.