AI & Virtual Humans

November 15, 2019
Forum, Kromhouthal

Shifts in the social and scientific landscape have set the stage for the next major movement in Clinical Virtual Reality with the “birth” of intelligent virtual humans. But we have to ask the question, is it desirable or ethical to use VA’s? To what extent should the agents present themselves as being human? Who controls the Artificial Intelligence behind the VA? What kind of new relationship are we creating and how do real humans deal with them? 

Just as humans, Virtual Human Agents have an origin story- designed and created  by us. So how to create the best Virtual Human Agent? 

Humans perceive lots of information from other humans. We sense other people’s emotional state based on facial expressions and body movements, or we make guesses about people’s preferences based on what clothing they wear. In order for machines to interact with humans they have to both perceive this information from sensory data and they have to “appear” human to us. So, what makes the best VA? Is it the Artificial Intelligence that drives them? It it their appearance? Or something else? 

This year we look at a range of subjects on Virtual Human’s from enterprise applications to healthcare, data collection and relationship engagement. 


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