AI & Virtual Humans

November 15, 2019
Forum, Kromhouthal

Virtual beings are among us. 2019 has already seen an explosion of the production and promotion of synthetic content from Vtubers (Kizuna AI) and Vinfluencers (Lil Miquela, NooNoouri) to conversational agents (Xiaoice) and AI beings that interact and inform us through social mediums (PlusOne).

AI now has a face, a voice, a story, a wealth of anthropomorphic sentimentality and —to an extent— agency.

Last year we explored virtual beings in healthcare. This year AI and virtual beings have found their humanity and a very real “fit” into many more aspects of our world — and they’re only just getting started.

Join us as we bring together leaders in this space to discuss emerging virtual being trends, the technologies that enable them, and how they may change our lives both professionally and personally. 


10:00 – 13:00

Barbara Lippe | Moderator
Marco deMiroz | Keynote: The State of Virtual Beings – AI & XR
Dorothea Baur | The Ethics of Virtual Beings
Cameron Wilson | An Introduction to Virtual Fashion Models
Dorothea Baur, Meeri Haataja, Cameron Wilson | Panel: Ethics and Virtual Beings

Remmelt Blessinga | Using Virtual Humans to Teach Leadership and Communication Skills
Pete Billington | TBA
Matthias Wittmann | Humanizing Virtual People
Shuang van Reizen, Marco deMiroz, Pete Billington, Cassandra de Klerck| Panel: Avatars & Identity

AI & Virtual Humans Speakers:


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