Best Of Church 360 (2018)
Watch in Oculus TV

Ballavita is a cinematic 360° VR-Film that will take you on a fantastic voyage through Maria’s Dreams and Nightmares. Newly developed cinematic techniques were used to create Ballavita, combining live actors performing complex choreographies with beautifully designed worlds. Ballavita is a half hour long tale inside a fully immersive stereoscopic world 

Maria is a young, hotheaded but insecure tango dancer. During a rehearsal Maria loses her temper after being ridiculed by the other ensemble members. Anton, who she just started dating recently also refuses to take her side. While storming out of the building angrily she falls through a trapdoor into a cellar, where she encounters an old man who invites her into his basement apartment. Little does she know, she was actually being lured into a parallel world. The old man seeks to steal her dreams and preserve them for his own amusement.

Director Gerda Leopold // Writer Gerda Leopold // DOP Sebastian Endler // Post Production Wolfgang Krsek


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