Das Totale Tanz Theater

360 Video | 8 min | Kromhouthal

Diana Schniedermeier | Creator
Maya Puig | Creator


Das Totale Tanz Theater

Who are humans in the age of technology? What role do they play, how do they interact with the machines around them? These questions were negotiated at the Bauhaus 100 years ago. Das Totale Tanz Theater frames these questions today in the context of AI. Visitors immerse themselves in a vast virtual stage where they activate a Tanzmaschine and experience a choreography over three levels. The entanglement of human choreography, personal intervention and machine algorithms results in new forms of movement in space. Inspired by Oskar Schlemmer’s stage experiments, Walter Gropius’ ideas on total theater, with choreography by Richard Siegal.

Teaser Video


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