I Philip

Best Of Church 360 (2017)
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Philip K. Dick was one of the great sci-fi writers. His persona was as fascinating as his work. Highly pessimistic, he always questioned in his novels the relevance of reality. He passed away in 1982. It’s 2005 and David Hanson, a robot specialist working for the Disney Company, creates a human-looking android. He names it Phil, and it’s a Philip K. Dick look-alike. In just a few weeks, Phil becomes a celebrity on the web and in the Philip K. Dick fan circles. At the end of 2005, the android’s head disappears during a flight between Dallas and Las Vegas. I Philip is the story of this android, in whose head Philip K. Dick’s memory is implanted.  It tells the story of what could have been the author’s last love affair, through his recollections. But are those recollections true? Aren’t they a figment of the android’s imagination, who, little by little, has learned to become human?

Director Pierre Zandrowicz // Producer Antoine Cayrol // VFX Saint George Studio // Sound Headspace Studio


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