Church of VR 2020 – World Première
Watch in Oculus TV

Once back on earth, the Apollo 11 crew has been locked in  quarantine in order to avoid any contamination from lunar microbes.

The first phase of the quarantine took place inside the ‘air-stream’, a vehicle where they lived for four days during the trip that led them to Houston’s sealed laboratories.

While the whole world, with its clamour and expectations pushes outside the air-stream’s window, Collins, Armstrong and Aldrin find themselves projected in the recent and intrusive lunar memories, which leaves them hanging in a limbo between the earth and the moon.

Director Noemi Forti // Director of Photography Giovanni Sacchi // Script Ivan Rocca, Lorenzo Molino, Noemi Forti // Multimedia Riccardo Bertoia, Marta Morino, Loris Ghidini, Cesare Rosa // Production Laura Lombardo, Andrea Pica // Editing Andrea Ghirotto, Simone Portera // Audio Maria Sarzilla, Tommaso Manni, Davide Scurto

A student production by Civica Scuola di Cinema L. Visconti Milano


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