The Dawn of Art

Church of VR 2020
Watch in Oculus TV

Explore the Chauvet Cave 36,000 years ago with Daisy Ridley’s voice as your guide. It’s in the Ardèche gorges in the south of France that our ancestors drew humanity’s first masterpieces, giving life to their beliefs.

Director Pierre Zandrowicz // Narrated by Daisy Ridley (English version)
Cécile de France (French version) // Project Manager Olivier Train // Scientific Advisor David Huguet // 3D Artists Arthur Maugendre, Anthony Rubier, Timothée Marnat, Raphael Chevalier, Victor Chassaigne, Mélanie Schwartz // 2D Artist Audrey Lesco // Animator Amaury Guilley // Scriptwriter Emilie Valentin // Sound Design Antoine Wert // Line Producer Arnaud Colinart // VR Technical Director Clément Chériot // Programmer Robin Picou


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