The Opera of the Falling

Best Of Church 360 (2019)
Watch in Oculus TV

‘The opera of the falling’ is a poetic, musical and visual research on the loneliness of sorrow. It’s a VirtualReality-Opera, inspired by interviews with people with a psychological vulnerability. With psychiatry as a mirror to the world we live in, the experience calls for reflection and universal recognition.

Someone falls in an infinite void. She discovers she has no name. She doesn’t think,
doesn’t feel. 
Nobody is around. 

I am not lonesome, she says. Lonesome I can be.
She asks us to talk to her. To tell her… To tell her.. 

But nobody hears her. 
She tries to scream,
in order to hear again, to feel,
to breathe again,
but she can only remain silent. 

In silence she cradles herself.
Tell me.. Tell me my grief, she asks. Tell me my grief and tell it silently.

On the Oculus page of this project you will find an introduction video. A booklet can be downloaded by clicking on the link below. Please watch the introduction and look at the booklet before you watch the project in Oculus TV.

Director Celine Daemen // Art Director Aron Fels // Composer Amarante Nat // Singer Sterre Konijn // Libretto Writer Olivier Herter // Sound Engineer Wouter Snoei // Character Rig Louise van Putten // Producer Cas Ketel // Artistical Coach Romain Bischoff // Illustrator Ronja Ida Weia // Grafic Designer Mees Walter // Marketing Marita Hamers // Financial Coach Karel Janssen // Thanks to employees, patients and experience experts of Mondriaan GGZ.

The Opera of the Falling was produced by MCEM in co-production with VIA ZUID and Cultura Nova, in collaboration with Mondriaan GGZ, with financial support of VSBfonds, Edmond Hustinx Stichting, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Brand Cultuurfonds and Kanunnik Salden Nieuwenhof.


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