When We Stayed Home

Church of VR 2020
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When We Stayed Home is a series of four cinematic short VR documentaries that takes viewers on an eerie exploration of iconic cities under lockdown at the peak of the coronavirus pandemic.

This series immortalises this anomalous moment in our history. By bringing viewers to the heart of the world’s empty streets of Paris, Venice, Jerusalem and Tokyo, the series invites viewers to reflect on this moment.

Narrated by charismatic locals that make the cities so lively and unique in normal times, ‘When We Stayed Home’ offers a privileged and unprecedented dive into the streets and minds of the world under confinement.

This series was nominated for a 2020 Emmy Award in the category Outstanding Original Interactive Program.

Director Chloé Rochereuil // Producer Victor Agulhon // VR Journalist Raphael Guillet
Executive producer Eric Cheng // Producer Jonathan Gleit

A TARGO production in partnership with Facebook’s Oculus.


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