Inside Tumucumaque

Interactive | 10-15 min | Kromhouthal

Ina Krüger | Creative Director
Partik de Jong | Creative Director
Diana Schniedermeier | Executive Producer


Inside Tumucumaque

How do Poison Dart Frogs perceive their surroundings? What does it feel like to be a caiman, floating motionlessly in the water, lurking for prey? Or to fly as a harpy through the densely overgrown treetops of the rainforest? Inside Tumucumaque allows you to discover the unique ecosystem of the Tumucumaque nature reserve from the perspective and with the perception of animals living there. Ultraviolet color spectra, slow motion, visualizations of echo sounder locations, colour night vision a.o. are used to interpret the animals’ perception. “Inside Tumucumaque” is a project of Interactive Media Foundation and Filmtank, co-created with Artificial Rome.

Teaser Video


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