Closing Session VR Days Europe

The Next 5 Years in XR – Where Is the Community Going?

November 15, 2019
South, Kromhouthal

In this session we are inviting the XR community to come together to think about and discuss the next five years in XR. During VR Days we have looked back, we have celebrated and we have seen glimpses of the future. Now is the time to sit together and think about the next 5 years before we pop the corks and say goodbyes till the next event brings us together.

Working in the XR industry is not always easy. It is a rocky road, you bump into potholes in your lawn, you seem to have many options but at the same time resources are limited. A strong sense of urgency kept us going, a strong sense of community is what kept us together.

In this session we address the following questions in 5 roundtables, lead by 5 moderators that have been working in the XR space for many years. After the roundtables (30 min) the moderators will take the results of the roundtable discussion and discuss this in the closing panel followed by a Q&A.


15:30 – 16:45

Alex Chuang | Moderator


What’s worked in various communities such as Vancouver, China, Europe
How do we tell our story to folks who might not be in the industry?
How do we stay inclusive?
What’s the importance of diversity?
How important is community at this time, since VR/AR hasn’t taken off yet


  • Leen Segers (LucidWeb)
  • Dan Burgar (Vancouver VR/AR Association)
  • Samuel Huber (Admix)
  • Ryan Wang (Outpost Capital)
  • Barbara Lippe

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