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What is, will and should be happening with XR in enterprise? We collaborated with Laval Virtual for this track and made it about the best practices and real use cases of how AR and VR can be used to work more efficiently. In the sessions we focus on four essential fields.

You’ll be impressed by the way XR has changed and will change the way we train, making it more efficient and fun at the same time.

Productivity tools
Working at a distance, doing operations with surgeons on different locations using robot arms, designing real homes or virtual worlds – the possibilities for XR to be more productive are endless. What is already possible and what should be developed? Manus VR, developer of the Manus VR Glove, will update you on the latest developments, as will Jason Toff, NYC site lead for Google VR/AR.

More and more we can see retail adding XR to the customer experience. Akzo is very succesful with their app showing how the colors of their paint will change your house, supermarket chain Albert Heijn is eager to show product information, IKEA is working on AR, as is Rabobank. Expect talks from Mediamarkt Saturn, sharing their experiences with VR and AR in shops. Come listen to Akzo and hear about Albert Heijn from Dffrnt Media.

Architecture and construction
In this field AR and VR are part of the designing process and the sales. It makes possible that the kinks are worked out already in pre construction, shortening the actual construction phase.

Talks by the architects of Dutch company Mecanoo, the Total Designers of Arup and by Cundall, the international multi-disciplinary consultancy engineers, who will speak about acoustic design.

*Check the GREEN in the schedule for the expert sessions of the Enterprise track


Enterprise track – Expert Sessions 

Thursday 26 October 2017



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