European Financing Workshop

November 15, 2019
South, Kromhouthal

As part of the Immersive Funding Market, VR Days organises the European Financing Workshop especially for Startup Founders, Universities (Labs/Research), Venture Capital, and Public Funds.

This session aims to educate about various efforts that are being executed in the public and private domain regarding Funding of VR/AR. Especially in the public domain there are many initiatives that support SME’s in growing their business in various stages of development.

2 White papers, that are yet to be released, will be presented by XR4ALL and XRBASE. They have been conducted with a focus on the European Investment landscape and investment cycle in VR/AR .


09:00 – 11:00

Daan Doornink | Moderator
Andrey Lunev | Deal rejection criteria for VCs and XR Startups.
Leen Segers| XR4ALL – EU XR Investment landscape
Asha Easton | Opportunities in the UK
Jonneke Leijsten | Public funding for innovative companies
Panel | Public or Private funding?

European Financing Workshop Speakers:


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