Healthcare Symposium

For anyone involved in surgery, medical training and patient care it is clear that virtual reality has become part of the medical universe and that this is only the beginning. Already virtual reality and augmented reality in healthcare represent an almost one billion dollar market, having a big and positive impact on many professionals and patients. Still medical VR is a work in progress with many clear and unclear bumps along the road.

VR in healthcare focuses on three major aspects:
– Surgical training
– Medical rehabilitation
– Psychological therapy

What is happening in these fields and what is to be expected? That is the main question for this track.

The morning session will focus on practical AR/VR developments in surgical training. This session kicks off with a presentation by Laurent Chrétien of Laval Virtual.
The afternoon session kicks off with a presentation by Theis Madsen. He will talk about VR in healthcare, zooming in on developments in Medical Rehabilitation and Immersive Therapy. Four startups in this field will pitch as startup superstar MindMaze will talk about growing a startup in the medical field.

Check the schedule for the expert sessions and workshops of the Healthcare track on Friday, October 27th.

Health symposium track with Expert Sessions, Presentations, Pitch, Panel and Keynotes.

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