Doubts of a Genius


Matteo Lonardi | Director
Francesco Lonardi | Executive Producer
Rafael Penasa | Executive Producer

Leonardo Da Vinci is revered today as a genius who dared to dream. What few people know is that Leonardo was often criticized by his contemporaries, and he himself doubted the value of his work. Doubts of a Genius, a VR interactive experience, explores the man behind the legacy by looking at self-doubt in the creative process. The story unfolds as we are welcomed by a voice over into Leonardo’s late Rome studio. Three objects will lead the user into the virtual spaces of three renowned contemporary artists. Through their struggles the user will experience three types of doubts faced also by Leonardo. On his deathbed the artist reportedly said, “I have offended God and mankind because my work didn’t reach the quality it should have”. Doubts of a Genius invites us to understand and make new meaning of the artist’s final words.


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