Location Based Entertainment  Summit


November 15, 2019
Forum, Kromhouthal

Location Based Virtual Reality (LBVR) is the new wave of out-of-home entertainment. Storytelling in XR has opened a flood of possibilities to tell new and existing narratives. With these stories, LBVR has enormous potential in museums, theme parks and arcades, and as pop-up style attractions. 

The LBVR summit will look at successful business models and trends for 2020 and beyond, VR as a new storytelling and gaming medium for LBVR, the technology being used, how companies are strategically marketing to drive consumer traction, intellectual property, and raising capital for LBVR. 

This summit will feature presentations from leading VR experts, panel discussions and roundtables. 

The LBVR Summit at VR Days Europe was of outstanding quality. I have never been on a panel with that many great speakers- the content is highly educative. I strongly recommend this conference.

Elisha Karmitz, CEO at MK2


13:30 – 16:30

Bob Cooney | Moderator

Panel: Competitive VR – Is it Esports, Laser Tag 2.0, or Something Completly Different
Konstantin Netilyov
Wendy Ooi
Philippe De Schutter
Philip Lacoste
Philip Steinfatt

Panel: The Mobile Headsets Revolution
Leland Hedges
Sebastian Malavasi
Brad Scoggin

Fireside Chat
Nathaniel de Jong
Chary Keijzer
Casandra Vuong

Alexander Malshakov | Breaking the 4th wall in immersive experience

: How to Make Money in VR as an Indie Developer
Alex Moretti
Jenna Seiden

Alastair Hebson
Risa Cohen

Application Deadline: August 31, 2019

Location Based Entertainment Summit Speakers:


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