Lustrum Dinner & Halo Awards Ceremony

November 13, 2019
Restaurant Stork, Kromhouthal

In ancient Rome the lustrum was the name for the sacrifice and celebration of a five-year period. A moment to reflect, unite and look ahead. With the 5th edition of VR Days we will do just that. That is why we call VR Days Europe 2019 the Lustrum Edition. 

Join us in celebrating the Lustrum Dinner (and Halo Awards) on November 13, at Restaurant Stork between 20:00-22:00. 

€79 includes a 3-course dinner, 2 hours of open bar from 20:00-22:00, and a boat ride from DeLaMar to Stork Restaurant.

Halo Awards shed light on outstanding work in the AR, VR and MR community. They are presented in recognition of the most innovative and landmark European works, performances, projects and the creatives who have produced them. 

The Halo Awards set an international standard for quality works, and unite the AR and VR community to promote the medium in the broadest sense. Selections are made by a specialised jury of industry experts. 

Award winning selections are presented with a gold, silver or bronze Halo Award in their category, and one prestigious ‘Diamond Halo’ is presented to the overall winner. Audience votes are cast with ‘Heavenly Halo’.

The Halo Awards take place during the Lustrum Dinner at Stork on November 13 after the Vision & Impact Conference.


  • Best Fictional Work 
  • Best Game
  • Best Location-based VR 
  • Best Non-fiction
  • Best Creative Accomplishment  (Audio/Visual/UX)
  • Best Applied (Healthcare/Enterprise) 
  • Best University Project

Limited seating is available

Lustrum Dinner & Halo Awards Nominees


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