Media, Arts, & Entertainment Track

With this track you step into one of the most creative corners of the VR universe. It’s where we try to discover the creative force of the medium with in-depth expert sessions, workshops and the Church.


Central questions

XR in media, arts and entertainment is in constant development. Join us researching and experiencing the story telling potential. Part of the research is asking questions and trying to find an answer to them. Questions such as:
What opportunities does VR bring to the existing realities? What tools do we have, which ones we are still in need of and how best to use the ones already there? What is the impact of XR on the creative industry – museums, journalism, arcades, cinema? What would be the perfect business model so that good money can be made? What are the hurdles and which steps (technical, creative, business) are yet to be made?

New content

This is the track that will create, live during the event, new content. For this we have the Writers Room and the Drama Day. Step inside to feel the creativity buzzing when the best in their fields create on the spot. The content we created last year is now up for a Dutch Golden Calf award, the Dutch Oscars.

Bridging worlds

This is also the track in which we try to bridge the worlds of the creatives and the technical minds. What is the best way for creatives to move about in the often technical VR world, with its technical tools and the techies creating them? How to not get lost as a non coder in an XR world.

Step into the Church

Rest assured that during the event the Church is always open. Once you enter you will find the best examples of how XR is used in daily life, such as branding, intellectual property and more.

*Check the RED in the schedule for the expert sessions and workshops of the Media, Arts & Entertainment track

Media, Arts & Entertainment – Expert sessions and workshops

Thursday 26 October 2017

Friday 27 October 2017

  • Drama Day revisited! – From “Ashes to Ashes” to “Cosmos Within Us”
  • Writing for VR with Script Engines – How to Handle Spherical Narratives, Multiple Plots, Interactive Story Lines
  • Designing for Meta – Do’s and Dont’s in AR
  • Filling a Holodeck – Best Practises for Free-Roam VR Content Creators
  • Creating with ARKit – How ARKit makes AR a part of our daily lifeUnity
  • WebVR
  • Museum Morning – Acropolis VR: Exploration of art in Virtual Reality
  • Social VR – The Next Level of Human Communication or Just Another ‘Home Alone?’

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