Pain & Suffering Reduction Summit


November 14, 2019

Over the last 20 years, scientists have published academic papers demonstrating that Virtual Reality can reduce physical/psychological pain and suffering. At the same time, the VR consumer revolution has begun as VR has officially migrated from the lab to the living room. 

As millions of people have access to VR, how do we steer the industry to embrace using the technology in these areas of clinical care?  This session is designed to bring together scholars and practitioners to explore and chart a path to better promote research and practice using VR to address the universal challenge of Pain and Suffering.  

This summit will feature presentations from leading VR experts, panel discussions and roundtables.


13:30 – 16:30

Bob Fine | Moderator

Daniel Prefasi, Nicolas Medrano, Angelica Portaña | Rehabilitation VR Tool for MS (Multiple Sclerosis) Patients
Louis Zantema | How a VR Consumer App Beats Opioids in Pain Care
Alexander Padhaiski | Recovery in Digital
Robert Majhen | VR in Healthcare and Education
Dana-Maria Faneker | Beating Sexual Harassment
Marlies Schijven | Panel: The Path to Widespread Clinical VR Rollout
Amy Hendrick | Panel Member
JoAnn Difede | VR in the Treatment of PTSD
Ivar Bruaset | TBA
Louis Derungs | Pain in XR: Top-Down and Bottom-Up
Charles Nduka | The Fourth Dimensions of VR Interactions for Health
Giuseppina Schiavone | TBA
Tara Donker | Mental health innovations to treat anxiety disorders

Pain & Suffering Reduction Summit Speakers:


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