Philosopher’s Salon

November 14-15, 2019
Yurt, Kromhouthal

The Philosopher’s Salon is an open forum for discussion on the fundamental questions of XR. Join the conversation in an intimate setting where we look at the positive and potential negative virtues of virtual reality and immersive technology. 

Set aside the hustle and bustle of VR Days and enter the Yurt where the Philosopher’s Salon takes place. Take off your shoes, turn of electronics and immerse yourself in the here and now for a window into the future.

Every philosopher will raise a new question. What happens when the virtual world is as realistic as the physical word? Is it important to make a distinction? Can meaningful relationships exist with virtual characters? What are the ethical considerations of world building? Is there a duty of care owed to virtual animals and humans? Should laws in the real world apply equally to activities in virtual realities? What psychological effects does VR have with extended use? How will XR affect the future of our society?


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