Philosophers’ Salon

Time to leave the hustle and bustle of the VR Days behind you for a moment: enter the yurt of the Philosopher’s Salon! So take off your shoes, log off from all electronics and turn inside. When turning off all outside signals we create head space for the fundamental questions XR poses us. Sometimes so fundamental we tend overlook them.

Join the discussion in the intimate setting of the Philosopher’s Salon. Every two hours one philosopher will kick start the conversation with a short speech followed by conversing with you and your fellow shoeless XR enthousiasts – the yurt is small enough to really talk, to have real discussions.

Let’s discuss the opportunities XR brings us. With our more regular media we already have an idea where the bounderies and possibilities lie: from RSI to meeting a new partner and everything in between. But what about XR? What can, will and should this new technique bring us?

Philosophers’ Salon will tackle topics around Content, Business, Tech and Research and asks questions such as: could we be already be in a virtual reality? What happens when the moment arrives that what we see in the virtual world is as convincing as what we see in real life and we start having relationships with virtual characters? What are the ethical aspects of creating very real, yet virtual worlds where things happen that are now prohibited by law, such as abusing people and animals? Is there a danger of people getting used to not only observing but also carrying out acts of violence because they are embodied in an avatar? Can we expect e-shamans to aid people who have been immersed in the realest of virtual realities for hours on end and who then, pressing the stop button, experience the sensory shock of being confronted with the limitations of earthly life? What if XR really has an impact on all aspects of life – how will it affect, for instance, the arts, healthcare, education or our view of our fellow men?

As for instance Stefano Baldassi, Michael Gourlay and Martin Schubert will explain on the VR Days: in the future XR will be an every day part of our life, so much so that there will come a time when we won’t be able to imagine life without it. Add artificial intelligence and miniaturization to the mix and already the colors of the picture start to fill in. But what are the outlines of the picture and what will in morph in to? What if we head into the direction of VR’s first visionaries, such as author William Gibson, who from behind his typewriter had his charcters plugged straight into the data, no head mounted displays whatsoever. Before you know it the future is happening.

Let’s philosophize on where XR will take us and if and how we can/should shape things to come.


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