Philosophers’ Salon

November 5-6, 2020
AltspaceVR: Pavilion Finland

The Philosopher’s Salon is an open forum discussion on the fundamental questions of XR. Join the conversation in an intimate setting where we look at the positive and potentially negative aspects of VR and immersive technology. Take off your shoes, turn off electronics and immerse yourself in the here and now for a window into the future.

The Philosopher’s Salon will tackle topics around Content, Tech & Research and Business. Every philosopher will raise a new question. What happens when the virtual world is as realistic as the physical word? Is it important to make a distinction? Can meaningful relationships exist with virtual characters? What are the ethical considerations of world building? What psychological effects does VR have with extended use and how will XR affect the future of our society?

The 6th edition of VRDays Europe asks how immersive technologies shape the post COVID-19 world.

This year we are very honored to present you the Philosopher’s Salon at VR Pavilion Finland, hosted by the Helsinki XR Center. Located in AltspaceVR, VR Pavilion Finland is a beautiful, otherworldly and versatile venue that is inspired by the Nordic midnight sun, expressionism, surrealism and the endless creative potential of VR. It couldn’t exist anywhere (else).

Here’s how you get in:

1: Download the AltspaceVR app through Steam or Windows store.

2: Launch the AltspaceVR app and create a user account: Open menu (big blue button on the left side of your screen) and from the menu, click sign up from the right side of your screen/hud.

3: Login with your AltspaceVR account at and sign up for Philosophers’ Salon by clicking the RSVP button on this page.

4: In the Altspace application, open the menu, open the Events tab, and go to “Interested”.

5: If you have successfully taken the previous steps, Philosophers’ Salon should appear in your “interested” events in the Altspace app and on your browser!

Minimum PC requirements for AltspaceVR desktop mode:OS: Windows 7 SP1 or Newer Processor: Intel i5Memory: 4 GB RAMGraphics: DX9 compatible dedicated GPU, 1GB video memory

Philosophers’ Salon Moderators

Thursday November 5
10.00-11.00 (CET) | Shahrokh Shamalinia
12.00-13.00 (CET) | Julia Bruton
14.00-15.00 (CET) | Cathline Smoos
16.00-17.00 (CET) | Margherita Bergamo Meneghini

Friday November 6

12.00-13.00 (CET) | What ‘Next Snses’ can VR open Up For the Masses? // Xaos Princess , Caytlin Meeks
14.00-15.00 (CET) | VR, the ultimate placebo?  // Bas Wouterse
17.00-18.00 (CET) |The Future of Spirituality And Community  // Jeremy Nickel

Philosophers’ Salon Speakers:


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