Sex and the Pervirtual

November 5-6, 2020
Live Streamed

The sex industry is always one of the first sector to test new technologies and it has done its job into exploring the Immersive technology. A first wave, in the last ten years, has been uplifted by the porn side of the industry, whereas in past few years it’s a wave of deep sexuality exploration that has taken place. 

This track is made to educate the population of the use of the immersive technology in the domain of sexuality. Not only does it improve sexual experience it also helps in various areas of the healthcare field. How does Immersive technology allow you to explore sexuality in its whole?

A world of wonders where sexuality is being rediscovered from rehabilitation to new sex mouvements, the pleasure of the flesh has evolved from a sin to the front scene, an encounter with oneself or others rising from virtual sex empowerment. 

To discuss the topic we will welcome sexologists, industry leaders and researchers on the topic. 

Sex and the Pervirtual Speakers:


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