Student Night

In collaboration with VRAcademy

November 14, 2019
Forum, Kromhouthal

In collaboration with VRAcademy of the Amsterdam University of the Arts we present Student Night.

We connect the next generation of XR creatives and entrepreneurs to industry pioneers. Student Night is open to students from Universities and Institutes of Higher Education who are working with or are interested in immersive technology. 

Industry leaders will guide interactive student sessions on the impact of technology in the arts, performance, cinema and music that are undergoing transformations from ideation to production, and performance to distribution. 

Interdisciplinary teams and collaboration is integral to innovation as immersive technologies become highly specialised, but each part necessary to the whole. How are companies building these teams and the innovations of tomorrow? What new careers are emerging with immersive technology and what is the market demand?

The Student pass is equivalent an All Access pass and gives you access to all events.


19:30 – 22:00

Robin Coops | Moderator
Matthias Wittmann
Pete Billington
Marijn Eken
Tupac Martir
Signe Ungermand & Maria Engermann
Kiira Benzing

You need a valid student ID to attend

Student Night Speakers:


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