The Future of Work

November 4-5
Live Streamed

Since covid hit there has been an acceleration in the adoption of new technologies to provide a safe environment for remote work. One of the main tech that has been put forward is immersive technology. 

Collaborative tools have been a must have to keep businesses running during confinement. From managing projects to meetings, various solutions have provided companies an alternative to face to face obligations, lowering many costs even with a basic investment for material. 

All the technology deployment has shown companies a new way to work, cost effective, no more accommodation costs, no more traveling costs and happier employees that can work their schedule as they want from home. Solutions that question the future of work and how all the involved technologies can upgrade the work environment and effectiveness. 

At the end of the session: we have a clear understanding of the benefits of using immersive technology for large corporations. And how our work life and environment might change.

The Future of Work Topics:

From bedroom poster to VR cockpit Ernst Pontier
XR and The Future of Work Amy Peck
Social VR | Like never seen before Patrick de Lange
[ProXR2025] the future of professional XR Alexis Vartanian

The Future of Work Speakers:


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