The HALO Awards

The Halo Awards 2017, to recognise outstanding European works in AR/VR/MR, have been awarded to the following projects:


  • Factual
    • Gold: Pitoti Prometheus, by Cambridge University
  • Creative Accomplishment
    • Gold: HanaHana, by Mélodie Mousset
    • Silver: Hello Enjoy, by Fantasynth
    • Bronze: Meeting Rembrandt, by Force Field
  • Applied
    • Gold: Method Foren, by The Vrain
    • Silver: Block Rocking Beats, by SNAKE Productions
    • Bronze: Home: A VR Spacewalk, by Rewind
  • Future
    • Gold: Stupid Goldfish, by NOYS VR
    • Silver: HanaHana, by Mélodie Mousset
    • Honorable mention: Holodeck VR
  • Gaming
    • Gold: Cosmic Trip, by Funktronic Labs
    • Silver: KoKo’s Curse, by apelab
    • Bronze: Lola & The Giant, by Climax Studios
  • Branded
    • Gold: Renault Sports, Pit Stop Challenge, by Backlight Studio
    • Silver: Michelin, by SoWhen?
    • Bronze: The Voice, by DFFRNT Media
  • Cinematic
    • Gold: Alteration, by OKIO Studio
    • Silver: Separate Silences, by MANND
    • Bronze: Sea Prayer, by the Guardian

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