Training and Simulation Summit


November 14, 2019

VR has proven to be a highly effective medium for training. In 2018, a study by Miriam Reiner at The VR and NeuroCognition Lab Technion, the Israel Institute of Technology, asked if VR/AR is better for learning compared to flat screens. The results? It was found that learning through mimicking is better accomplished in 3D, and that 3D supports long term memory of learning activities related to training and simulation. 

Ever since experiments such as this, VR has overtaken video as the most effective means of training in physical activities with broad applications in training and simulations in the healthcare industry. 

This summit will feature presentations from leading VR experts, panel discussions and roundtables. Expect a 3 hour conference with industry leaders from automotive, healthcare, police, defense, first responders, and aviation. Speakers will share the most relevant use cases, showing how POCs turn into day-to-day implementation giving true ROI.

Join roundtable discussions where service providers, clients and researchers discuss the future of your industry.


10:00 – 13:00

Integrating XR in Enterprise & Government
Amy Peck | Moderator
Saskia Gronewengen | Advancing Hands-Free and Collaborative Work with XR
Daniel Seidl | VR Adoption Challenges in Enterprise
Paul Speight | Training for the Future
Michale Kaldenbath | TBA
Henri Jaspers | Position of VR in ASML Today and in the Near Future
Isabel Tewes | TBA

Pitch Session
SenseGlove | NeuroDigital | Manus | Aviar | Valkyrine Industries

Hardware, Haptics & Game Mechanics
Amy Peck | Moderator
Jack McCauley | VR in Product Design
Bart Loosman | TBA
Luis Castillo | Redefining XR with Avatar VR haptic gloves
Gijs den Butter | Haptics Improving VR Training outcomes
Grigory Rodionov | VR Training In Aviation
Mark Sage | Status of the AR in Enterprise Ecosystem
Oliver Cleveley-Jones | Touching Realities
Urho Konttori | TBA
Joel Breton | Exploring the Blue Ocean of Immersive Computing

Training and Simulation Summit Speakers:


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