Virtual Worlds & Digital Twins

November 15, 2019

Virtual world and digital twins are used on an everyday basis since IoT is widely spread through industries.

XR has been used by leading industries as a mainstream technology in areas such as oil and gas, construction and many more.

Used cases from Training to data visualization shows how this innovative technology can be led to its full potential combining cross technologies. 

Digital twins will give a company the ability to show  the exact subsystem and context of a product/environment, and allow to see an overview of the work that will be required, get some insight on how to use this ross technologies with this session.


13:45 – 15:15

Harriet Barlett | Moderator
Nilson Kufus | Sparking the 4th industrial revolution by thinking spatial
Amy Peck | Understanding Our Expanding Digital Landscape
Brendon Harper | Sentient Spaces: The Story of People, Places, and Things.
Artur Sychov | Parallel Universe Powered by Blockchain

Virtual Worlds & Digital Twins Speakers:


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