Vision & Impact Conference

November 13, 2019
DeLaMar Theater 

The Vision & Impact Conference presents concrete cases of unimagined workings of XR in today’s world and visions of a world in the making.

What is the role and meaning of XR in today’s world? In what ways is XR technology impacting us already? Which industries and who is benefiting from XR technology?

What is the overarching vision on how Virtual, Augmented and Artificial technologies will transform our societies? Where are these technologies leading us? 

In the Vision and Impact Conference learn how to influence the course of the future and create a real world where everybody benefits from the Virtual Revolution

VR Days is one of these rare events that has it all. From leading XR tech giants, and up-and-coming startups to award winning artists and thinkers, VR Days gets the best of each category to give you the scoop on the unique promise of XR. Unmissable.

Fabien Siouffi, COO at UNI-XR France

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