Women in XR

November 14, 2019
North, Kromhouthal

Hear from the perspectives and experiences of investors, creators, directors, developers, visionaries, producers and founders who have become some of the most influential women in tech.


18:30 – 20:00

Anastasia Pash | Moderator

Panel: Avatars and Gender Identity
Nina Boldyreva | Moderator
Miriam Riner | Panel Member
Tameka Kee | Panel Member

Panel: Creating empathy across genders with a female character’s pov
Anastasia Pash | Moderator
Dana-Maria Faneker | Panel member
Ollie Rankin | Panel member
Silvia van Aken | Panel member

Panel: Funding opportunities for female creatives
Leen Segers | Moderator
Kiira Benzing | Panel member
Barbara Lippe| Panel member

Women in XR Speakers:


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