Writers’ Room

This year, we are collaborating with National Theatre London’s Immersive Storytelling Studio and its brilliant minds for the Writers’ Room. Storytelling in VR is in development, to say the least. We noticed the strong relation between performing arts and VR, and that’s why we want to explore this relationship in a deeply investigative creative session with NT’s Storytelling Studio. A studio dedicated for Scriptwriting for immersive worlds, and merges theatre with film to get the best for their 360° Film School.

On stage, AR and VR scripts that are still under development will be read by professional actors who will share their knowledge and insights to further develop the scripts. The team of industry experts ranges from scriptwriters to UI designers, from HMD developers to dramaturgs.


This session offers the writers a look behind the scenes of the writing process, creates discussions about what good drama must meet, and offers a platform to present the script and networking opportunities for writers, directors, producers, broadcasters and funds.
With Michel Reilhac, Toby Coffey, Steye Hallema and others.

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