Virtual Conferencing

November 5-6, 2020
Streaming Conferences (Accessible via Imagina App)

We have reached a turning point. 2020 has changed everything in the way we live and work. Remote working has become the new normal, contributing to reduced costs and a more flexible working environment for employees. But with what consequences?

During Virtual Conferencing, the speakers look into how to create highly immersive interactions between businesses, their teams and clients. They break the barrier of the screen and the limitations of remote communication.

From 3D avatars, such as MeetingVR or Facebook Spaces, to Microsoft’s Holoportation prototype to remote assistance AR tools like ScopeAR

How does immersive technology impact the future of work? Is it still necessary for market leaders such as Google or Amazon to open up offices around the world? How do we prevent ourselves from becoming Zoombies while preserving the creativity and spontaneity of our work? 

The future of work is not about where you are, but about how you manage to adapt and interact. 

Find out more at VRDays 6, Virtual Conferencing- Meet the Platforms. 

Virtual Conferencing Topics:

What VR conferences tell us about what’s really important Michael Barngrover
5G + XR to Enable the Post-COVID Future Alvin Graylin
XR for business transformation David Thomson


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