Six questions about VR/XR — Dominic Eskofier

Dominic is a huge Virtual Reality advocate and enthusiast and has been called “the single most influential European Virtual Reality specialist”.

1. What are the most inspiring aspects of your work in XR?
Shaping the language of an industry that is bound to change how humans interact with computers.

2. What is the most promising, exciting development now happening?
Virtual Reality is broadening it’s range beyond the entertainment industry: Health, Science and Education are going to be changed by its applications.

3. What is the blind spot in XR, something that people seem to overlook?
Its value for everything outside of entertainment.

4. What areas in XR have the biggest growth potential and why?
B2B applications, because even traditional industries and companies will be disrupted by XR.

5. Where will XR be in five to ten years from now?

6. Anything else you would like to share with us?
Love :P

Dominic Eskofier’s presentation at VR Days Europe
The Journey to Holodeck — Enabling the VR/AR Ecosystem

Excerpt presentation
In this talk by Nvidia’s Head of VR for the EMEAI region, you’ll learn about the vision of photorealistic virtual worlds and how Nvidia enables developers to make that vision a reality. From hardware to software to research & development — Join this talk to learn how Nvidia is driving innovation in the VR/AR ecosystem.

Bio Dominic Eskofier
As one of the early pioneers of the modern VR movement, Dominic has been involved in the industry ever since Oculus founder Palmer Luckey showed him the original duct-taped prototype of the Oculus Rift back in 2012, when it was still a garage-made kickstarter project.

After this, he became a huge Virtual Reality ambassador: He co-founded and still moderates the largest community for Virtual Reality on the internet, he started the Virtual Reality Germany meetup group and is a co-founder of EUVR — a European non-profit organization that helps push the envelope for European VR devs, manufacturers and consumers. Furthermore, he co-founded his own Virtual Reality company — — together with two VR experts which they successfully brought through an accelerator program in Silicon Valley at Boost VC, the premier fund and accelerator for Virtual Reality.

During this time, he not only learned how VR is driving a ton of innovation in the world’s tech hub, but was also able to expand his VR network with personal contacts to the largest internet sites for VR, to developers, to investors and many more. Seeing how rapidly the tech is evolving, he became even more convinced that Virtual Reality will fundamentally change the way humans interact with computers.

He is now working for Nvidia where he is heading up their VR business in the EMEAI region — so he’s now the central spokesperson for all things VR in Europe & beyond and is striving to grow the European and global ecosystem.

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