Six questions about VR/XR — Jason Toff

Jason is New York City site lead for Google VR/AR.

1. What are the most inspiring aspects of your work in XR?
Giving people superpowers! Who doesn’t want superpowers?

2. What is the most promising, exciting development now happening?
AR coming to hundreds of millions of smartphones.

3. What is the blind spot in XR, something that people seem to overlook?
People sometimes overlook the cost/benefit analyses users do. There’s much focus on increasing benefit but not enough on decreasing cost (namely, friction).

4. What areas in XR have the biggest growth potential and why?
Mobile AR just because of the number of devices it’ll be enabled on from day one.

5. Where will XR be in five to ten years from now?
As ubiquitous as iPads, I hope!

6. Anything else you would like to share with us?
iPads, I hope!

Jason Toff’s presentation at VR Days Europe
Creative Superpowers — How Google develops immersive experiences for creators.

Excerpt presentation
Come hear how Google thinks about VR and AR’s ability to enhance human creativity and productivity. Jason Toff, who started Google’s New York VR office last year and oversees Tilt Brush and Blocks, will share a behind-the-scenes look at Google’s VR/AR development process and share insights from internal prototypes.

Bio Jason Toff
Jason is the NYC site lead for Google VR/AR. Prior to Google, Jason was a Director of Product Management at Twitter and before that, a Product Manager at YouTube.

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