Six questions about VR/XR — Philip Rosedale

By Doede Holtkamp on October 16, 2017

Philip is CEO and co-founder of High Fidelity, Inc., a company devoted to exploring the future of next–generation shared virtual reality.

1. What are the most inspiring aspects of your work in XR?
That we might be able to use VR to fold space and bring people together from far across the world to meet and get to better respect and like and maybe love each other.

2. What is the most promising, exciting development now happening?
Higher resolution HMD’s that will let us work in VR the same way we work on a desktop screen.

3. What is the blind spot in XR, something that people seem to overlook?That we are mammals and as such are inherently social animals: We don’t want to put a box on our head that isolates and separates us from the people around us, unless there are real people inside there to take the place of the ones we left behind.

4. What areas in XR have the biggest growth potential and why?
Teaching: Using VR to bring students to faraway teachers.

5. Where will XR be in five to ten years from now?
It will have begun to replace real-world teaching, meetings, and some forms of travel.

6. Anything else you would like to share with us?
You have a little piece of food on your face. :)

Philip Rosedale’s presentation at VR Days Europe
1 Billion People in VR? — VR Meets the Blockchain

Excerpt presentation
VR and AR are side-effects of a bigger short-term disruption — the end of screens. Apple’s branding of ‘Retina’ to displays makes the problem more painfully clear — we have reached a point where we cannot put any more pixels on the screens we use to get information into our eyes. Every big company, and a couple of interesting startups as well, is racing to figure out how to create a new kind of screen by putting lenses near the eyes and giving us a surface that can wrap all the way around. The ‘killer app’ for VR and AR isn’t blasting robots, it’s reading your email on the sky.

Bio Philip Rosedale
Philip Rosedale is CEO and co-founder of High Fidelity, Inc., a company devoted to exploring the future of next–generation shared virtual reality. Prior to High Fidelity, Rosedale created the virtual civilization Second Life, populated by one million active users generating US$700M in annual transaction volumes. In addition to numerous technology inventions (including the video conferencing product called FreeVue, acquired by RealNetworks in 1996 where Rosedale later served as CTO), Rosedale has also worked on experiments in distributed work and computing.

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