Six questions about VR/XR — Samantha Gorman

Samantha Gorman is a writer, artist, curator and educator at Tender Claws.

1. What are the most inspiring aspects of your work in XR?
We are inspired by the unique qualities and affordances of AR or VR that demand adapting design reasoning, spatial storytelling and art skills to what is unique about these mediums and to what they can do best. Commitment to building from the ground up is very important.

2. What is the most promising, exciting development now happening?
Not any one technology or approach. Just that creators brought into this current wave of VR are starting to rack up years of experience in dealing with creating for VR/AR and those lessons learned are going beyond hype to encourage later stage stronger content.

3. What is the blind spot in XR, something that people seem to overlook?More critical thinking about the medium. Why does this content need to be in VR or AR? How does the format of AR/VR necessitate changes or shape the design and delivery of the content? Also, there is already a significant critical history and lineage of immersive technologies.

4. What areas in XR have the biggest growth potential and why?
From a standpoint of cultural growth and adoption: lightweight AR/VR hybrid tech embedded with smart assistants.

5. Where will XR be in five to ten years from now?
Lightweight AR/VR hybrid tech that won’t hassle the user too much and will be useful/meaningful for navigating daily life. The technology will cease to be as remarked upon and standout because it will absorb into our lives the way mobile phones have.

6. Anything else you would like to share with us?

Samantha Gorman’s presentation at VR Days Europe
Tender Claws

Excerpt presentation
Tender Claws, creators of “Virtual Virtual Reality” and upcoming ARCore project, go behind the scenes to talk about their approach to design and storytelling for emerging technologies.

Bio Samantha Gorman
Samantha Gorman is a writer, artist, curator and educator. Her work combines text, cinema, games, virtual reality and scholarship about digital media. Her written critical and creative work can be found in journals such as The Electronic Book Review and literary magazines such as Dussie. With Danny Cannizzaro she founded the studio Tender Claws. Cannizzaro and Gorman’s first release as Tender Claws was the award winning app PRY. PRY won the New Media Writing Prize 2015 and was a Future of Storytelling Prize finalist, IGF finalist for “Excellence in Narrative” and has been showcased at film festivals, game festivals and book review sites.

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