Daan ‘Kip’ Doornink

Founder XRBASE & VR Days Europe

Daan started his career at a large Dutch corporate (ING) where he gained lots of hands-on experience with Design thinking, Scrum, Agile and Lean Startup techniques. He put his experience to good use mentoring start-ups at Rockstart Amsterdam and various other accelerators in Europe and the US. Early 2014 he started the Dutch community VRNL which currently holds over a thousand members, bringing together everyone passionate about VR in the Netherlands. A year later he organised the first European meetup at NUMA in Paris, uniting the Dutch, German, Belgian and French communities and co-founded VRDAYS Europe. Recently he founded the XRBASE network with the goal of uniting several physical hotspots in Europe to facilitate- and accelerate the European XR industry. XRBASE is an incubator/co-working space and content production company that creates high-end immersive content. He is founding partner of XR Basefund, Europe’s first VC fund dedicated to invest in seed- and later stage ventures in the XR industry.