VR Days 2018 // Speakers

Louis Derungs
Cognitive Neuroscientist

I woke up four years ago after a severe electrocution of 15,000 V with a bilateral amputation of upper limbs, severe burns on more than half of my body and excruciating pains. By experimenting, I learned how to control pain. I’ve then studied hypnosis, neuroscience and pain and created a method using VR so different types of pain/problematics, difficultly handled with conventional treatments, could be in a non-invasive way. I finally tested the method through experiments and through a personal in-the-field experiment in the desert, running an ultra marathon with neuropathic pain in my feet which led me to Mindmaze.

“My mantra: when nothing is sure, everything is possible”

Louis Derungs is experienced in many areas such as neuroscience, cognitive psychology and quantum physics. He is also an author, speaker, entrepreneur, researcher, hypnotherapist and philosopher.

Session with this speaker

October 24 | 12:40-13:00 | VR Days 2018 // Speakers | Vision & Impact Conference