Scot Stafford
Google Spotlight Stories

Composer and/or Sound Supervisor of all 14 of Google Spotlight Stories

In animation Scot Stafford is best known for the award winning score on Pearl, collaborations with Glen Keane (Duet for which he won AICE’s 2015 “Best Original Music” award), Doug Sweetland (Presto, nominated for an Oscar) and Jan Pinkava (Windy Day). His music appears in dozens of film, tv and interactive projects. He is equally proud of his work with Sean Szeles (The Regular Show) and the rockumentary Don’t Think I’ve Forgotten, featuring a score by Stafford which includes hundreds of recordings he produced in Cambodia, as well as musical performances by rock groups Calexico and Dengue Fever. He often works through his music collective Pollen Music Group, which he founded along with three fellow composer/producer/songwriters in 2010.