Virtual Beings

November 5-6, 2020
Streaming Conferences (Accessible via Imagina App)

The days when human-like robots were SF movie characters are gone. From home assistants to virtual medical practitioners or management, virtual beings are real and becoming part of our lives.

What is the most efficient way of helping people suffering from psychological disorders, from anxiety to PTSD? In-situ therapy methods put patients in different situations to confront their triggers and fears, be it for claustrophobia or a traumatic experience. However, some situations, such as war zones, are impossible to recreate in a medical environment. Immersive technologies accurately simulate events that can lie behind mental health issues. At the same time, studies show promising results in detecting early signs of PTSD through AI.

What is the future of HR? AI can make application procedures easier for the candidate and more meaningful for the organisation by matching the candidate’s profile with the most suitable positions for them.

Virtual beings can also be part of performance evaluation and employee retention strategies. Through personalised feedback and analysing the behavioral profile of each individual, virtual beings can determine the overall needs and expectations of employees more accurately than before. 

Virtual beings are here to stay. At  VRDays 6, we dive into which are the best ways to use them in industry and healthcare. Experts in their field share their experiences with creating virtual beings suitable for practical use.

Join Virtual Beings to find out the role of technologies such as AI in assisting patients during treatment and discover the benefits of using virtual beings in HR management. What are the possible threats that come with using them?

Discover at VRDays 6, Virtual Beings.

Virtual Beings Topics:

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