The Magic of Virtual Production

November 5-6, 2020
Streaming Conferences (Accessible via Imagina App)

A quiet revolution is taking place amongst cinematographers and VFX professionals. Real-time filmmaking is quickly taking center stage, as demonstrated by the numerous demos and write-ups about the use of Unreal and Unity in film production. Virtual Production can benefit almost any role of the film crew and it doesn’t necessarily need high-end resources to bring real advantages.

Virtual production is a process that allows you to use immersive technology to get real-time feedback while creating a scene. This feature allows a time cut in producing any video, content or interactivity thanks to the effectiveness of the technology.

Movie production nowadays uses a massive amount of CGI for their environment and/or characters with it said that CGI is used in in 75%  of movies today. How does this affect the industry? How have these improvements changed the creative process?

The use of CGI in film production has allowed the industry to be free in the environment they work in and in the characters they create.  It has liberated the imagination and decimated  limitations of the real world.

Now add VR to the equation.  You can find a full rendered environment of your movie and direct scenes and define camera angles before even having actors involved in Mo-cap. The actors can train in this environment and CGI modifications can be done in real time.  VR is the must have to optimise production

Virtual production is a process not a technology. It is the new agile process that enables filmmakers to reach beyond their limits.

It’s been proven that the best innovation comes from a diversity of backgrounds, thinking, birthplace, and race. For an industry that needs to innovate to solve problems to drive engagement, bringing together this group of people creates that.

Bob Cooney

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