VR in Education

November 5-6, 2020
Streaming Conferences
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We witnessed a rise in the number of specialists working in and with  XR in academic fields during the past years. There are numerous  laboratories spread across universities conducting  research on the usage and development of immersive technologies. University of Westminster developed an XR Lab for students’ use and  University of Michigan offers funding to XR educational initiatives.  

In institutions of higher education in the Netherlands, the phenomenon of immersive technology is growing.  VR/AR is used to simulate real life situations for educational and scientific purposes. University Medical Center Groningen researches the effects of VR on mental health.    

VRDays Europe brings together the Dutch scientific field!

At VR in Scientific NL, we look into the hottest immersive technology questions in the academic field.  What is the landscape of immersive technologies for research and education? How do experts in their chosen field organise their work? What are the cutting edge research projects in XR and how do we design practical, customised and interactive educational methods for  future professionals using XR?

At VR in Scientific NL, we create a platform for networking and collaboration between scientists and academics working in XR in higher education institutions in the Netherlands.

We discover the future of academic Netherlands at VRDays Europe 6, VR in Scientific NL.

The capital of VR Days is in informal open contact. On a national level, it’s the only credible XR festival. It’s so necessary and essential.

Joris Weijdom, University of Utrecht

VR in Education Topics:

VR as an research-education tool Lucia Rabago
Responsible XR in Education and Research Donna Schipper
TBD Joe Millward
Mozilla Hubs – creating shared virtual spaces for education Elgyn-Skye McLaren


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