XR is moving full speed ahead into the now and the future

Get up to speed quickly with developments in virtual, augumented and extended reality.

— Jonathan Delgado presentation: Star Trek’s Holodeck Fantasy Becomes Reality
— Designers at Ford using Microsoft’s HoloLens see a mix of both a real car and the new design while they can collaborate on the project and push virtual buttons to add, remove or leave notes
— Video: HoloLens tech used in bowel cancer surgery + video: Studying Dynamic Anatomy with HoloLens app from Leiden University & LUMC
— Where Microsoft’s Mixed Reality vision is headed, exec Alex Kipman explains
— ‘After, I feel ecstatic and emotional’: could virtual reality replace therapy?
—‘iPhone-moment voor VR komt pas over vijf jaar’
— Trailer for Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One
— New XR Basefund preps €50 million fund for VR and AR early stage startups
— Europe’s virtual reality sector has grown to nearly 487 companies
— The full VR industry landscape 2017
— Pixar’s Coco VR, dubbed ‘next level social virtual reality’
— Curiscope’s Virtuali-Tee blends augmented and virtual reality to let people explore a human chest cavity through a T-shirt
— Episode one unveiled of the animated short Melita by Future Lighthouse for the Oculus
— Mark Zuckerberg wants ‘to get a billion people in virtual reality’. And howto do it.
— TRVLR: Discovery And Google Team Up For A Virtual Reality travel documentary series
— ‘Halo Recruit’ is a Disappointing Demo, But Offers Promise of What May Come
— Fidelity tests virtual reality for customer service training, ‘hopes to make it easier for employees to empathize with customers’
— Behind The Style — an interactive VR story of a fashion shoot — seamlessly blends fashion, tech and vcommerce in a way that’s highly engaging, fun and natural.
— Virtual meetings will transform the enterprise
— Oculus Chief Scientist Speaks about some of the research Oculus is conducting and the sometimes tough choices content creators will have to make
— Virtual reality for defence less about ‘reality’ than results
— Star Wars Virtual Reality experience coming to Disneyland Resort in January 2018
— Hollywood and AMC theaters are betting on VR with Dreamscape Immersive
— Japan video makers, gamers explore virtual reality for adults
— VR in opera with The Hubble Cantata
— VR shopping with Macy’s
— NBA will broadcast every game in VR this season
— With 360 camera Fusion, GoPro dives deep into VR world
— Sony is Confident in Virtual Reality, Says the Best of PS VR is Yet to Come
— In development in California: virtual orchard technology
— The Best VR (Virtual Reality) Headsets of 2017
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